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What To Keep In Your Bonsai Tool Set

A bonsai is a small tree, and art form that originated in Japan. To start with, you may keep your tree inside, but they can also be kept outdoors, as long as they are maintained and protected from the elements. You will need to know what to keep in your bonsai tool set to be successful.

Bonsai requires patience and time, results are not immediate and you should be willing to spend time on it. Bonsai clubs exist all over the country, and encourage bonsai enthusiasts to join other similar people and share their ideas and techniques. For beginners, there are cheap tool sets available, often imported from China. You could even use a quality pair of kitchen scissors at the very beginning, without the expense of expensive tools while you are still deciding is bonsai is for you.

Bonsai tools can be imported from China, they are of decent quality and good for beginners. Kitchen scissors will do for the very beginning, and will help you decide if you want to continue. Japanese tools are the best quality as they are specifically designed for the purpose.

Bonsai scissors should be your first purchase as they are multi functional and are used for most tasks. They will have a very large loop for the handle which makes them easy to hold. Branch cutters are required to manage the branches of your bonsai tree, where wire cutters are useful for clipping very close to the ends without damaging the trunk or leaves.

After removing a thick branch, knob cutters can be used to cut away the end and make your trunk smooth again. There are a few tools that can be used for tidying the area around your tree, such as spatulas, rakes or tweezers. You can get these in a variety of sizes, as with most of the tools.

Pliers, root hooks and root cutters are also good for making general shape amendments and when re-potting your tree. This list should give you a good foundation for successfully creating a beautiful bonsai tree. There are of course other tools you might like to add to your bonsai tool set. -- About the Author The 14 Piece bonsai tool set gives all the equipment necessary for serious pursuit of the bonsai hobby. Check the bonsai tool set review for affirmation of the set's quality.
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